Endoscopic Neck Surgeries

Various Scarless neck surgeries performed by Dr R Padmakumar and team:

  • Endoscopic Total Thyroidetomy.
  • Endoscopic Hemi Thyroidectomy.
  • Endoscopic Parathyroid Surgery.
  • Endoscopic Neck dissection / Lymphadenectomy.
  • Endoscopic Thyroglossal Cyst Excision.
  • Endoscopic Salivary Gland Excision.
  • Endoscopic Neck Lipoma Excision.
  • Endoscopic excision of Branchial Cyst.
  • Endoscopic assisted excision of Ectopic Goiter.

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Endoscopic Thyroidectomy – Videos

Endoscopic Thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure where thyroid surgery is carried out through a small incision at the axilla. This avoid a large cut at the neck and thus avoids scar to the neck. Reviews from Patients Watch Video Watch Animated Video Video Talks on Endoscopic Thyroidectomy by Dr. R. Padmakumar Click to Watch

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Thyroglossal Cyst – Endoscopic Excision – First of its kind in Kerala

thyroglossal cyst

A team of Surgeons in the Dept of Minimally Invasive Surgery at VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi, has successfully removed a cyst from inside the upper neck without any cut on the neck. This was a Thyroglossal cyst. Its a very rare keyhole surgery of its kind – first time in the state of Kerala was […]

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Rare Keyhole Neck Surgery For 3 Year Old Girl

Three years old girl weighing only 10 kg was operated successfully through endoscopic method. Girl child hailing from Oman was suffering from a rare congenital condition called branchial cyst of second branchial cleft. The swelling had grown in such a size that she was finding it difficult to bend neck. She was successfully treated by […]

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Total endoscopic excision of branchial cyst in a child aged 3 years

Highlights Branchial cyst excision endoscopy. Axillary approach-no neck incision. First ever in a child. Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports Abstract This is the case report of a three-year-old female Arab child who presented with a neck swelling since one year of age. Physical examination was suggestive of a 6 × 4 cm swelling in the right lateral neck, which […]

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